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my dash is rather empty and i am easily triggered by underweight people with small intakes. please share this, i’ll check out your blog!

I am at a healthy weight and I love food. :)

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I didn’t mean it like that sweetheart. It’s more about the battle in my head and professionals continually telling me that my anorexia is “so much better” now because of my weight despite my incredibly self destructive behaviours and constant weight fluctuation. I understand that eating disorders are not about weight and did not mean to discredit anyone else’s illness because of their weight.

Thank you cutie pie

it depends on what else I’m having during the day and if i’m having a good day or a bad day but usually 2 or 3.

The environment is stressful and triggering. My brother is an extremely fussy eater and is incredibly skinny due to a condition he has so I find it difficult to eat with him around. My parents and I also butt heads a lot because all three of us are stubborn, control freaks so it can lead to fights about anything and everything. The fact that I don’t currently have a treatment makes things even more challenging for me because I’m struggling to control certain aspects of my illness’s. Once I begin DBT and learn appropriate coping skills I feel I will be able to either move back home or live safely independently. I still visit them and speak to them regularly but it just isn’t plausable or wise for me to be living there right now.

I mainly have ensures at the moment because of my heart acting up so its really important that I get enough potassium, magnesium and fluid and that’s the most achievable way for me to get it and feel some what comfortable. We also eat other things like yogurt, fruit, mountain bread, salad, roast veges, sandwiches and challenge ourselves at least once a week to either froyo or vegan chocolate. It small steps but we’re doing our best with the limited resources we have right now.